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The Chinese Resultative Construction A Cognitive Constructional Analysis Ronald Fong University of Macau This study examines the structure and functions of the Chinese resultative construction. Specifically, it makes an attempt to integrate the form and function, the syntax and semantics, Chinese and English, and formal and functional perspectives. The interface between syntax and lexical semantics has intrigued researchers in linguistics and related fields more than ever. Argument structure has been postulated to capture the relationship between syntax and semantics. Resultative verb compounds in Chinese have been shown to provide insights into the theory of argument structure as the syntax-semantics interface. In particular, this work examines the verb classes that enter into the resultative construction in Chinese and proposes an innovative analysis of the construction based upon the insights from contemporary studies such as Cognitive Construction Grammar (Goldberg 1995, 2006) and Huddleston and Pullum (2002). Further, this study incorporates typological evidence and argues that the resultative construction signals the concept of subordination. The idea and the analysis is then extended to the language-particular phenomenon in Chinese – the ba-construction, which shows further usefulness of the proposed analysis. In fact, the current framework demonstrates the interesting results of the interaction between the ba-construction and the resultative construction in Chinese. ISBN 9783862902194 (Hardcover). LINCOM Studies in Chinese Linguistics 14. 180pp. 2020. Zhangzhou Southern Min: Syllables and Phonotactics Yishan Huang Australian National University This volume provides a comprehensive description of the syllables and phonotactics of the Zhangzhou language, a form of Southern Min (Hokkienese) that is spreading in Mainland China and beyond. Three major research goals have been achieved. First, it directly fills the gap in syllabic and phonotactic studies of Zhangzhou using contemporary phonetics and phonology, grounded in a substantial set of field data. Second, it provides a descriptive framework of the sound structure of Zhangzhou, intended for an international audience, building on our typological knowledge of Sinitic languages. Third, it aligns with the author's other related monographs : Zhangzhou Southern Min: Rhyme Tables, Homonyms, Heteronyms, and Vernacular Documentation (2019) and Tones in Zhangzhou: Pitch and Beyond (2020) building a series that focuses on the phonetics and phonology of Zhangzhou Southern Min. ISBN 9783862900817 (Hardcover). LINCOM Studies in Chinese Linguistics 13. 162pp. 2020. A Grammar of Mandarin Chinese Hua Lin University of Victoria Mandarin Chinese is the official language in China, Taiwan and Singapore, and the language with the largest number of native speakers. In recent years, Mandarin usage has spread even further: it is now taught in most schools in Hong Kong, and with the influx of immigrants to the West from China and Taiwan, many parts of the world including Canada, the United States, Australia, and Europe have seen a steady increase in the number of speakers. Mandarin is not a homogeneous language; any grammar that tries to describe it needs to select one region as its focus. In this book, the focus will be on Mandarin as is spoken in its motherland of Northern China, especially the Chinese capital of Beijing. The book will begin by an introduction to the geographic characteristics, dialects and historical development of the language. This will be followed by Mandarin phonetics and phonology. Topics covered include the syllable, tones, the consonants, the vowels, the glides and, more importantly, how these interact to create the sound structure of the language. A description of the morphology will follow, addressing special features of the language in terms of compounding, reduplication, word stress, and disyllabicity. The remainder of the book will be devoted to Mandarin syntax. It will first outline the major parts of speech and the major types of phrases; then it will focus on some salient syntactic features, including the topic-comment structure, the serial-verb construction, and the de construction. The book will end with two sample texts, each accompanied by interlinear translation and free translation. ISBN 9783895866425. Languages of the World/Materials 344. 200pp. 2001.